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Sinfully Stuffed & Roasted Purple Cauliflower

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Adjust Servings:
1 whole Cauliflower Any color - go crazy!
2 T basil pesto sauce
1/2 cup melted butter
1/2 cup plus 2 t breadcrumbs
1/2 cup Cherry Tomato Salsa or any fire roasted or chipotle salsa
3 wisked eggs
8 oz kale ribs removed
1 t himalayan sea salt
1 t peppercorn medley or any pepper will do
1 t italian seasonings
1 T garlic minced garlic sold in jars -or- powder
1 cup shredded finely muenster cheese or gouda (any soft cheese)
1/2 cup half & half
4 diced small green onion
1 cup packed cilantro stems and all
1/2 cup plus 1 T parmesan cheese

Sinfully Stuffed & Roasted Purple Cauliflower

Radiant and irresistible! Served as a side or meal, this purple powerhouse will knock your socks off!

Killer Kauliflower! Roasted and stuffed and bursting with flavor. This is holiday and 5-star dinner SHOWSTOPPER!

  • ~1 hour 20 minutes
  • Serves 6
  • Medium




Cauliflower is my new hero. I know, i know. You are sick of hearing it but you seriously need to get on this bandwagon. If not for health, for the fact that IT DOES take on the flavor you give it. And the diversity or recipes and applications is mind blowing. Who is with me???!!

Try it with purple, orange, or white cauliflower. You actually get more healthy benefits and antioxidants as you go towards the red spectrum of vegetables. Think red onions over white or yellow. Think red bell peppers over green. They are all damn good though!

Seriously folks, this is hands down the best way to enjoy cauliflower this crazy chick has ever had and may ever have again!

My hubby who hates cauliflower and broccoli tried it for me AND LOVED IT! My 10 year old punished it! He finished it before his steak and asparagus. I’m a carnivore and even I wanted more of it before I had more of my steak (and my steaks are phenomenal if I do say so myself).

I was inspired by a recent post by Food Network on Instagram and went in search of the recipe. My recipe is similar but I boosted the flavor profile by adding some of the best salsa in the world – Wegmans Cherry Tomato Salsa. It has fire roasted tomatoes and chipotle peppers in it so the flavor is deep and smokey and added just the zing I was looking for. Not too mention, I completely forgot chips when I bought the salsa yesterday so any excuse to use the salsa…

It was such a huge success that I am adding it to my Easter menu. However, I’m going to use purple cauliflower for Easter. I will post an update after dinner on how it turned out.


Please dont doubt how good this is! I dare you to try it for your finicky family members tonight!

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Mis en place (get all your ingredients out to reserve the tiny amount of sanity you have left). Get out a large pot for boiling water and your food processor. If you havent named your food processor, now is the time to do so! Your food processor, instant pot, and frig should have names. They are your new best buds.
**You will also need a pastry bag with a wide open tip**
I purchased a kit at Wegmans but Im sure you can find them at any decent grocery store. You can use a freezer bag with the tip cut off but it will be even messier and more difficult to get the filling into the nooks and crannies or the cauliflower.
Preheat over to 400F.


On a cutting board, cut most of the stalk and leaves off. However, some of the stalk needs to remain in order for the cauliflower to stay together.


Fill your pot with hot water and a good amount of salt ( I use regular old salt when salting water but sea salt when cooking). Bring to a boil. Submerge cauliflower in boiling water for 5 - 6 minutes. You want it softer but not falling apart soft. Mine was purrrfect at 6 minutes. Set aside on paper towel to cool. DO NOT EMPTY WATER OUT WITH CAULIFLOWER. Keep it boiling for your kale.


Add your kale to the boiling water. Boil until bright green and softer. About 3 minutes. Drain and strain. Press out excess water with paper towel.


Its stuffing time!

In the bowel of your food processor, dump the kale, cilantro, salsa, all seasonings, half & half, whisked eggs, cheeses and green onion. Process on high and get the mixture as this as you can to avoid it clogging the pastry tip.

Note: If you find that your processor will not get it smooth enough to pipe out of back easily, throw the mixture in your nutribullet ( I cut mine a bit higher to make the hole wider) Its trial and error for sure. It can be messy so just have fun with it!


Follow the directions on the box for placing the tip into the bottom of the piping bag. Fill bag with stuffing mixture. Make sure you do not overfill the bag. You should have enough room to twist the top to keep the mixture in the bag and off of you, your walls, counters, and clothes (bitter, party of 1, your table is now ready in the "Kym forgot that step" section).


Now that your cauliflower isnt burn your ass hot, turn it upside down and begin piping your mixture into the head. The head will expand but dont worry, you want as much of your filling as you can to get in all the n&c's. It may begin oozing through the top. Thats ok! Once it does, turn it over and rub some of that mixture into a thin layer on the top of the cauliflower.


In a small bowl, mix the melted butter with the T of breadcrumbs and the pesto basil (you can buy it in a jar or click on the link for my recipe). The breadcrumbs should start to absorb the butter and plump up. Add more breadcrumbs if need be. Rub this yummy concoction all over the head of your cauliflower. This will make for a nice crust and lovely presentation.


Put parchment paper on a baking sheet. Lay cauliflower down right side up and bake for 45-50 minutes.


If you are making my asparagus to accompany this delish veggie superstar, add the asparagus to the pan when there is 12-15 minutes left, depending on your desired texture for the asparagus. I like mine a bit crunchy still so i throw their butts in there about 12 minutes out.


Time to serve!

With a sharp knife, cut long strips and serve cauliflower "steaks" whole for a pretty presentation. I served this with balsamic glaze asparagus and a very medrare strip steak. I highly recommend this for a special night or a Sunday when you can take your time and enjoy the process.


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