Everything Bacon Fat Meatballs
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Everything Bacon Fat Meatballs

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6-8 pieces bacon sugar free regular or bacon
sprinkle of everything seasoning
1.5 lbs ground turkey any ground meat
1T minced garlic
1 medium diced onion
2T coconut aminos
2 whisked eggs
1/2 cup almond flour
1t cayenne optional
2t italian seasonings
1t lemon pepper
1t cracked pepper
1t himalayan sea salt

    Everything seasoning, bacon, and bacon fat collide to make this a seriously good addition to ANY meal!

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    bacon meatballs


    I am going to cut right to the chase on this recipe. This is a no brainer MUST ADD to your meal plan, work lunches, even snacks for the whole family. I even pack them in school lunches indianpharmall.com!


    1. Sugar free bacon
    2. Save the bacon fat
    3. Everything Bagel Seasoning (everything but the bagel) You can find this now at various Walmarts but always at Trader Joes.  If not, click the pic to order some right now.

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    Mis en place - read recipe thoroughly and gather all of your weapons and goodies. Your sanity comes first. Then, we have fun right???


    Set oven to 385F. Lay out bacon on baking sheet. Sprinkle each with Everything seasoning. Put in oven immediately for 22 minutes. Check 1/2 way. You dont want the bacon to be too crispy. you want it somewhat flexible for dicing and incorporating into the meat mixture.


    Meat Mix

    Thaw your ground meat if necessary. Place meat in large mixing bowl. Add all seasonings (not Everything), whisked eggs, flour, etc. Use hands to incorporate. Do not over mix! Set aside until bacon is ready.


    Once bacon is ready, place on paper towels to absorb grease. Once cool, rough chop on cutting board and pour into meat mix. Incorporate without over mixing. This just means gently mix and not grind the hell out of it like you are pissed or something =P

    BACON FAT - drain bacon juice left in pan into a small container or pour directly into your cast iron skillet if you are ready!


    Take small ice cream scoop or melon baller and scoop out decent size portion. Roll with hands into meatballs and place each one into the skillet where you poured the bacon fat grease into. Turn the meatball so that most of it gets a touch of that fat from the bacon. Hangry yet???

    Insert into preheated oven and set to 22 minutes. When there is only 4 minutes left, hit BROIL HIGH on those babies to brown them in the homestretch!


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