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Slammin’ Sesame Chicken & Orange Cauli-Slaw Bowl

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Adjust Servings:
1 large orange or yellow Cauliflower any color will due
1 Bag of Cruciferous Veggies Trader Joes or similar
2 t tumeric especially if you go with white cauli
1 diced small red onions
3-4 chicken thighs
4 T divided avocado oil
2 T for sauce and 1 T for chicken sesame oil
2 T almond butter
Juice of 1 lemon
1/2 c water
pinch sprinkled over cauli and in the sauce himalayan sea salt
same as salt pepper
1 c blueberries optional
1.5 t chili garlic sauce
sprinkle over both sides of chicken chinese 5 spice

Slammin’ Sesame Chicken & Orange Cauli-Slaw Bowl

Paleo | Whole30 | Veg Option


    Wake up your taste buds and channel you inner Buddha. This Asian inspired bowl comes together quickly for an easy week night or date night recipe. It's kid highly-approved.

    • 35
    • Serves 3
    • Easy




    Star Alert: Sesame Chicken & Orange Cauliflower are escorted down the red carpet by some gorgeous spices and the ever-so-slim cruciferous veggies!

    Fasten your seat belt (over your taste buds) and get pumped to make this flavorful, tad spice,  but easy as all get up sesame chicken dish tonight!

    Whole 30 Version: Make it like it is here in this post. Caveat! Substitute any chicken part or use any ground meat. Lamb is derrrishious too! Oh and sub any compliant nut butter. If you want it less nutty, reduce to 1 T of butter and add more coconut aminos. Taste as you go please. My crew loves the nuttiness and the heat. But it is by no means very spicy – hot!

    Veggie Version: My son loves this with tofu – dats right! Marinade tofu overnight in sesame and honey blend. Add chili sauce for heat. I would also recommend adding a starchy veggie – like butternut squash (buy it in frozen bags cut down in cubes – great add on to ANY dish).

    I only used 3 thighs for my camp but thats because there is only 3 of us and we are cutting down proportions unless i want leftovers for lunch or something.

    To feed more peeps, all you have to do is scroll down. Above the list of ingredients, manually enter the servings you need and WABAM!! my blog does the MATH for you. If you know me, you know im the artsy fartsy and the “2 plus 2 equals CAT” girl. TRUE story!

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    Preheat oven to 385F.
    In a medium size bowl, combine all sauce ingredients and stir well. Sit in fridge to chill until time to use.


    Turn over cauliflower and remove most of stalk and leaves. Cut it into chunks and place in the bowl of your processor or blender. Pulse until it resembles rice. You may need to do this in 2 batches if the cauliflower is very large.

    On a sheet pan lined with parchment or foil, spread out the cauil-rice. Sprinkle oil, salt and pepper, and tumeric over the rice. Move around with your hands to ensure the mixture is coated lightly. Place in over and set time for 22 minutes.


    Heat 1T of oil in a skillet. Once hot, add chicken thighs. Sprinkle one side with 5 Spice and cook for 4 minutes. Flip each piece and repeat. Our the leftover sesame oil that you divided lightly over the chicken thighs. Cover, reduce heat to med. low, and let cook until internal temp is at least 160F. Take out of pan and cut up into chunks. Return the chicken to the pan and pour in diced onion to saute. Saute chicken and onions for 2-3 minutes.


    The Fun Part!

    Empty the bad of Trader Joe's Cruciferous Slaw mix into a large bowl. Add blueberries if using. When the oven time hits 5 minutes to go, take your sauce out of the frig and lightly drizzle it over the slaw. Be careful not to add too much at first. As you toss the salad, it will spread out. If your sauce has thickened too much, pour a little bit more water and/or oil and stir to thin out. Its good to have leftovers in case someone wants extra sauce or save for your lunch tomorrow.


    Once oven timer goes off, turn the over to Broil - High and broil cauli for 5 more minutes. If it starts to get too dark pull it out right away. Pour cauli from pan into the slaw and toss gently. Does it need more sauce? Taste it!


    To plate. Fill the bowl with the slaw mix. Top with chicken thigh pieces. Top with tuxedo sesame seeds and green onion. Add sprig of cilantro if yah want fancy smancy. Serve. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!


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