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Instant Pot: TexMex Meatloaf

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Adjust Servings:
1 lb ground turkey
1 lb spicy italian sausage or mild; take out of casings
1 diced onion
1 T garlic
2 eggs
1 1/2 cups breadcrumbs italian seasoned or plain panko
1 cup packed cilantro
1 cup finely diced mixed color baby peppers
1 package taco seasoning
1 juice of lime
2 T plus 1 for the glaze worstershire
3 T ketchup
1 T brown sugar
1 t mustard
2 T sweet chilli sauce
to taste hot sauce

Instant Pot: TexMex Meatloaf

My 10 year old made this! Bring on Master Chef Junior.

Huge mound of ground turkey and sausage with south of the border flavors makes this an Instant Pot success story of epic proportions!

  • ~68 minutes, including pressurization time
  • Serves 6
  • Easy




Let me be honest here. I hated meatloaf as a kid and I still do. I’m talking about the classic recipe that looks like and taste a bit like alpo dog food. Woof!

But here’s the thing. My little man asked me to make it after seeing it on Pinterest so I set out to truly challenge myself and my creativity. I will make the world’s greatest meat loaf!

Insane, right? Have you seen the name of this blog lately??

Please note: I’m aware that this isn’t the sexiest recipe in the world but you need to make it round in order to put it in your IP or you will be hindered by the roundness of the pot.  The taste makes the photos forgivable.

No instant pot???  No problemo! This will be your ticket back to happiness in the kitchen and save you more time then you ever thought possible. Not too mention, you have nothing to lose. Amazon has an outstanding return policy. Personally, I would buy as big a pot as you can afford and prepare yourself to put your rice maker, slow cooker, and old fashion pressure cooker on Craigslist! Counter space freedom!!!

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Back to the regularly scheduled program 

I looked through a dozen or so recipes on Pinterest and the web, the ingredients, some global variations, etc. Here’s what I came up with.

I love anything Latin or Mexican inspired so I knew I was gonna go in that direction and add heat as I went along. The bummer comes in by way of not being able to taste as you go.

Id be writing this content from the ER but hell at least I know how well or not well my loaf is seasoned, right??

Here’s my best advice when it comes to meatloaf. What are the flavors you love most in meat dishes. Is it Asian? Then add Asian inspired ingredients and sauces to your meatloaf.

I bought a pound of ground turkey and a pound of limited edition sausage – Habanero & Mango sausage! HOLY SMOKES SOMEONE GOT MY LETTER! Now I can’t find it anymore. Oh why oh why didn’t I buy all 20 packages and freeze them???? INSANITY!

No problem. Idea: Buy regular or spicy italian sausage and food process it with habaneros and diced mangoes (in the jar or fresh). Boom! Done! Seriously, try this with any ground sausage your family prefers.

Cheat Time: Save time on spices and use a package of store-bought taco seasoning but get the low sodium because if salt is the first ingredient in a mixed seasoning, don’t get it! Your heart says thank you!

For the sauce, you can follow my steps below for tangy red sauce or you can try something different and top this bad boy with my Cilantro Lime Crema. If you go with the crema, you will not want or need to broil the meatloaf at the end.

Don’t want to have the leftovers, aka same exact thing two night in a row? Check out what I did with the leftovers. Think reconstitute and tomorrow night will be even more relaxing! 

Do you social? Me too!

Make this, take a photo, and on da GRAM – #SOLTOcrew AND don’t forget to @sanityorlackthereof | Find more from SOLTO on Pinterest and join my crazy wack cookery crew on Facebook. Glad you came to party!



You know me! Mise en place peeps! Get everything together that you will need to make this dish including pots, pans, and bowls if need be. If your meat is frozen, pop its nasty cold butt in the Chef Mic and thaw. I recommend buying fresh and keeping it in the frig OR thawing it in the frig the day before you know you are going to make meatloaf.

Whisk the eggs in a small bowl so that they are ready to go and evenly distribute.


In a pan, saute your onions and mixed sweet peppers (all diced small) with a good sprinkle of salt and pepper until they begin to sweat down. Then add your minced garlic and continue to saute for 2-3 more minutes. Take off heat and pour into meat mixture.


In a large bowl, combine both the italian sausage and the ground turkey. Use your hands for this. Take the bling off and dive right in. This is hands down (no pun intended) the ONLY way to combine your ingredients to make the best meatloaf.


Add all remaining ingredients and mix gently with your paws. Dont over work the mixture. Just make sure its nice and tight and you can see the ingredients throughout. Empty the mixture out on to layered tin foil and shape into a tight round mound. Just make sure that it will actually fit in your IP. If not, just make it higher and less big around. Pull the foil up the sides of the meatloaf but dont cover the loaf completely.


Take a long sheet of tin foil and fold it over length wise to form a sling so you can easily lower it in and pull it on out. You may already have an actual accessory for this maneuver. Good for you!


Pour 1 cup of chicken broth into the bottom of the IP and insert the trivet in the bottom that came with your IP. With the homemade sling, lower the loaf onto the trivet. Lock the lid and make certain that the valve is turn to lock position. Press Manual High and set for 28 minutes.


Now for the Glaze (easy peesy)

To a medium size bowl, add ketchup, worstershire, mustard, brown sugar, sweet chili sauce, and rice vinegar. Stir. TASTE. Do you like it? Is it too sweet or not enough heat? Trust your tongue here. Add a squirt of siracha or chilulah.


After the time is up, do a natural release for 5 minutes then release manually by carefully turning the valve to the steam position. I use a good ole wooden spoon standing some distance away. This is NOT the facial you want!

Pull the loaf out carefully and cover the top of the loaf with the glaze. Turn your broiler in your oven on to high. Insert the meat loaf still nestled in its foil into the oven on a sheet pan. Ensure that the top is open to the broiler. Make sure you watch it! Depending on your oven, will determine how fast the glaze broils but doesn't burn. About 3-4 mins for my oven.


To serve, cut long strips of meatloaf and drizzle with left over glaze if extra is desired. Its always desired around here. =)

Recommendations: Side salad, sweet corn cake, green beans, asparagus, or any veggie medley


Da Bomb Chicken Salad
Quesadilla & Taco Tuesday w/ Leftover Meatloaf
Da Bomb Chicken Salad
Quesadilla & Taco Tuesday w/ Leftover Meatloaf

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